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​​Food Trucks​

Replace generators and power your business with an odorless and low emission system. Our batteries can be charged overnight at your leisure and be used the next day.

Construction Sites​

With our hybrid system coupled with a generator, there is assurance of power to construction sites without the issue of noise, smell, and pollution.


Emergency Response

In the case of disaster relief or in rural communities, Electrefy provides a complete, off-grid solution for energy storage to power vital medical, heating/cooling, and cooking devices.

Construction Bond



For businesses (eg. music festivals and food stands) that thrive off-grid, we provide rental services through which you will receive the batteries pre-charged and ready to power you through your day.

Home Energy Storage

Maximize the utility of your solar panels by storing energy into one of our systems and saving it for later use. 

Perfect energy saving system for tiny homes and even big homes!

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Street Lights​

Our systems can ensure smooth traffic flow by providing backup power to street lights during power outages and failures.