Future Proof


Internal system is designed to be modular to accommodate foreseeable developments in the market including replacement of Level 2 to DCFC cord set and supplemental power sources including solar and battery storage. 

Install Anywhere 


Our system can be installed anywhere using standard outlet (208V~240V).

An appropriately sized (80A) main feed will provide up to 20kW charging from DCFC.
That includes your favorite restaurant to your daily coffee shop or even your home.

Electrefy Advantage

2-in-1 benefit 


Each station can charge two cars simultaneously while providing drivers the choice of either using Level 2 or DCFC charging.

For those without a DC charge port, the system supports conventional Level 2 charging.

Get noticed


Your venue will attract more customers as our system shows up orange in a sea of green.

With our user-friendly design and getting a faster charge at your venue, your customers will be glad they dropped by.